4 Things you Should Absolutely Never do for Money

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For many people, the desire to reach financial freedom is so strong that they are willing to do a lot to increase their income.

Often when I wander around on places like Reddit and other online forums I see all kinds of side income strategies pass by. Some of them are inventive and int but others are outright scary, unethical or even dangerous.

In this article I’ll cover four things that you should absolutely not do to increase your income. Simply because they are not worth it.

Engage in Multi-Level Marketing

In their attempts to increase their income, people are often tempted to engage in Multi-Level Marketing.

They are approached by family members, friends or coworkers with the promises of fast and easy riches. Multi-Level Marketing is a type of referral marketing. For just a small buy-in price you are allowed to become an independent distributor of an awesome brand. All you have to do is start selling their awesome products and you’ll get rich in no time.

What they don’t tell you is that the organization behind it is hardly focused on selling products.

The organization has a pyramid like shape and the people above you in the pyramid earn a commission from the sales you make and but also the money you pay to buy yourself in.

Once you are in, you’ll find out that selling products is not really on anyone’s agenda. Instead, it is all about recruiting new distributors. You’re encouraged to recruit your family members, friends and coworkers.

If they sign up through your referral they will be below you in the pyramid.

This means that you, and the people above you in the pyramid will receive a commission from the sales they make. After all, why would you spend time selling products yourself if you could just recruit people under you in the pyramid and earn money off their efforts.

Multi-Level Marketing organizations often lure desperate people in with the promises of quick and easy riches.

However, research into MLM done by the Federal Trade Commission shows that there is only one group that gets rich quick and easy. Those are the few, the one percent on top of the pyramid. Studies show that only 1 percent of people engaged in Multi-Level Marketing actually make a decent profit. The others just chase a carrot on a stick.

Building a side business takes hard work, dedication, effort and time. There is no such thing as quick and easy riches.

Don’t fall for the Multi-Level Marketing trap and invest your energy in something that is worth it.

Engage in Medical Studies for money

One day I was wandering around on social media and I saw this post titled:

“NASA will pay you 15.700 dollars to lay in bed for 3 months”.

The first thought that came up in my head was “what the f???”. Then I noticed the comments section. It was filled with thousands of people tagging their friends with comments like:

OMG getting paid for 3 months of Netflix and doing absolutely nothing, best job evah!”

I was stunned by the amount of people who would gladly sign up for this task. Stunned by the amount of people who would compromise their physical and mental health, but also a large chunk of their freedom, for money.

One of the NASA study participants, shared his experiences of the trial. As I had expected, the effects of laying in a bed for three months aren’t pretty. His experiences include physical issues such as muscle decay and loss of blood volume with the result of not being able to stand on his own legs for over fifteen minutes. The trial also led to a variety of mental issues like anxiety, anti-socialism and loneliness.

Apart from the NASA bed trial there are many more medical studies that you can participate in to earn money.

While many studies are reasonably safe there are nasty side effects that you can get from the medication that needs to be tested. Rashes, aches and pains are no exceptions. One thing you should, in my humble opinion, absolutely never do for money is directly compromise your physical or mental health.

Now there’s obviously a lot of gray area when it comes to health and making money. Nevertheless, the conclusion is quite simple. There are countless alternative ways to increase your income by not compromising your health.

Sell drugs

As lucrative as it may look, selling drugs is highly dangerous and likely to have severe negative repercussions.

I could go into detail about how people tell their selves that they start small and promise their selves to get out when things get complicated.. and how this never happens and things go sideways and they end up dead or in jail and blablabla but I find it a waste of white space.

Selling drugs is illegal and dangerous. That’s all you need to know.

Sell your kidney

Yes, your assumption is correct. There are actually people who consider selling their kidney or other bodily attachments for money.

There are numerous stories of people who plan to sell or already sold their kidney to get out of debt, to be able to pay for college or to be able to invest the money. Next to kidneys there are also examples of pieces of liver, blood plasm and sperm.

Now, if you don’t have any ethical objections to producing a bunch of unknown children then sperm might not be that of an issue. But organs like kidneys and livers are a definite no go.

Well, ironically speaking.. selling your kidney can actually lead to financial freedom. If your other kidney fails and you will surely die next week, at least you’re financially free for an entire seven days. But that is not really the type of financial freedom that we aim for on this blog…

Again, with all the possibilities you can explore to increase your income, selling your organs should not be an option ever.

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